All Natural Diet & Supplements that Changed My Life

This is a post that has been some time in the making. On the one account, I could say I have suffered from a case of writers block. I have been writing for over three years on just this site alone. On the other hand, offline life has been really demanding. Call it lack of time, lack of energy, lack of inspiration, it really does not matter what you call it, but lets just say I am trying to write again.

With such a demanding life, realized I needed to make a change in my diet. I also wanted to impact my appearance, but my main goal was to have more energy and been all around healthier. So I went on an all encompassing diet plan and workout program. Please understand, this is not a post where I introduce a brand new workout or diet program. No, this is about what has worked for me from what is already been created by nutrition, supplement, and exercise professionals.

For about the past five years, I have remained a very workout centered individual. I actively attended a gym, lifted weights, did cardio, avoided fast food, and related things. In fact, I actually got into lifting weights, put on about 20 pounds of muscle when the time I graduated college. Still, I’m an endomorph, so for me, it is easier to put on muscle, much harder to burn fat and look lean. An endomorph is someone who is genetically prone to store fat easily due to a slow metabolism. Endomorph body types are usually, but not always, large-framed with medium to large joints.

Naturally, especially for those that know me, I love a challenge. When it suddenly struck me that I desired to take my body to the “next level” of fitness, I knew I needed to make some serious changes. That is exactly what this post is all about.

The Workout Plan:

I decided to ditch the gym membership, saving me $42 dollars a month, or $504 a year, after discovering P90X. Remember I mentioned this is not a post about my own plan, but learning and following from what the experts have already created. The truth is, I fell in love with P90X. If you are not familiar with P90X by Tony Horton, take a look at the P90X pages at The program aims to transform your body in 90 days. It involves a full diet and exercise routine. with strict guidelines.

The regular program features 12 workouts that practically tear every muscle you would want to. I am not going to go into to much detail about the program. Just take my endorsement in the fact that after lifting weights for as long as I have, this program not only burned fat, it also added muscle. The basics of the program are rooted in using your own body weight and gravity to tear muscle. For example, in the back and biceps P90X workout, you can expect to do well over 100 pull ups, depending on your level of fitness. After some time, I usually end up doing over 130 when I’m feeling motivated to work. Honestly, back and biceps is one of my favorite workouts. It has added some serious size and definition to my arms and back. Also, you WILL need a pull up bar.

Pull Up Bar
Pull Up Bar
Work Out Equipment P90X
Work Out Equipment P90X

Some other unique features of P90X are the workouts that don’t even involve weights at all. For example, P90X Yoga X, P90X X Stretch, P90X Kempo, P90X Plyometrics, P90X Cardio X, and P90X Core Synergistics. These workouts allow you to really switch it up during the week. X Stretch is wonderful on a weeks end when your sore and worn out. Kempo X and Cardio X are wonderful at burning fat and are a lot of fun. But truly, the mother of them all, even as Tony’s clearly states in the program, is P90X Plyometrics. What a brutal, tomorrow’s going to suck for your poor legs workout. My god, even after doing the entire program for 90 days, I still struggle with this routine.

The Diet Summary and Supplements:

I completely changed my diet with some simple changes. I found that if I plan ahead to purchase healthy before I go to the supermarket I had much better results in the checkout line. It’s so damn simple if you basically follow this rule, stick to the outside walls of the supermarket. This is generally where you find the fresh vegetables and fruit, meat and fish, eggs and yogurt, etc. I am not going to give you a full on diet plan breakdown (like P90X does), but here are some things I have incorporated into my diet in a given week.

Meats and Dairy:

Cage free, free range, all natural diet feed chicken breasts- 99 percent lean. I season for extra taste, rarly fry it.

Red Meat- usual from Publix because they use USAD Choice meat, a step above select.

Eggs: I only purchase cage free eggs ever since seeing the movie Food Inc, I suggest you invest the money and do the same. Eggs are probably the best thing you can eat, especially in the morning. I usually add some fresh diced peppers (red, yellow and green), garlic and then season with whatever I feel like. I generally don’t separate the yoke. If I want this, I just purchase egg whites.

Fish- Salmon, Tuna (fresh and canned). I usually only get either on of these and avoid bottom feeders that literally eat shit like Scallops, Crabs and Shrimp. Of course they don’t only eat that, but you want to avoid these for other reasons like fat content. Also, if you are pregnant avoid fish because especially today fish contains a lot of mercury. Also, I LOVE sushi, which I can find pretty much anywhere in America these days.

Greek Yogurt- just an amazing way to give the sweet tooth just want it wants but also get extra protein and good digestive bacteria in you. I generally add fruit to it as well for a little extra sweetness.

Milk: For those that really know me know I’m lactose intolerant. In fact, I pretty severally lactose intolerant. You will find me carrying lactose pills almost 100 percent of the time with me. However, they make an awesome all natural milk from Organic Valley Farms Lactose Free. Other than the price and small aftertaste when drinking straight, it is the best product that I can get milk in. I use it for making protein shakes when I have really pushed hard.

Vegetables and Fruit:

Blueberries- by the cartoon (I FREEZE them and take them out, let them thaw maybe 2 minutes and they are amazing. You can eat them like popcorn! They are wonderful for your immune system, overall health (b/c they reduce free radicals in your body) and have Vitamin C which also helps in maintain digestive regularity. You really can’t go wrong.

Apples- cut them up, eat with peanut butter or honey or both, or just eat whole.)

Bananas- awesome source of energy producing potassium, and lets be honestly if you can stomach the texture they taste great. I also found that since they spoil so fast peel them, cut them and freeze the m for use in protein shakes later.)

Spinach– The secret here is you cook it in a skillet with some fresh garlic (roast this first), add a little fresh squeezed lemon and any other seasoning you like. The spinach will cook down, so use ALOT, like half a bag. Spinach is backed with all great things, even protein, and it does wonders for your immune system.

Peanuts- better putter , roasted peanuts, you really can’t go wrong with any variety. I usually purchase all natural varieties because they don’t use extra oils like Palm Oil (avoid Skippy or other brands that do not require stirring). They are loaded with good fat and help men make testosterone. Take a scope at night with a protein shake and watch your body grow (if body building).


Whey Protein- I can’t say enough about how effective whey protein is in adding muscle development. I prefer Gold Standard Optimum Whey Protein, and always get it off of They are the BEST in customer service and prices. Truly a great place to buy all supplements. Last time I ordered off the phone and she (who talked to me) sent me a hand written thank you note. Thank you Myogenic Melisa!

Micronized Creatine- Cycle creatine. This helps add water to muscles to help them recover faster and aid in performance, especially endurance. I generally don’t like the bulky look it usually gives, but the other benefits are perfect, so I cycle it when I want to go extremely heavy for a few weeks.

· L argentine- This nutrient is highly important for peak performance. In fact, it is probably the most effective natural supplement for increasing male libido.

· L Tyrosine- Supports and assists neurotransmitters in the brain. Reduced levels of L-Tyrosine are present when your body’s under stress, aged, or tired.

L-Tyrosine- supplementation helps reduce stress, improves mental alertness, and enhances mood.

· Gingko Bilbao- Used to improve blood flow around the body, and functions as an anti-oxidant in the body.

· Ginseng- Korean Ginseng – used in China as a sexual balancer and revitalizing tonic for over 7000 years – an adaptogen, and believed to help maintain balance in the body and help the body adapt to stress.Korean Ginseng is widely known for its ability to boost energy (including sex drive) and support the immune system. As an adaptogen, it also helps you adapt to physical or emotional stress and fatigue. Ginseng also has a normalizing effect on hormone imbalances, and boosts metabolic rate.

Zinc- is required for the production of testosterone, so find ways to get it in you. Especially for us men trying to add lean muscle.

· Essential Vitamins

Vitamin A-

Vitamin B1- Thiamine (B1) is essential for optimal nerve transmission and energy production throughout the body.

Vitamin C-

Vitamin E- Often referred to as the sex vitamin, is a powerful anti-aging antioxidant that protects cell membranes from free-radical damage. Vitamin E is also required for the synthesis of hormones, and hormone like substances known as prostaglandin.

Well I hope some of this helps you achieve any goal you set out. I know I have never felt more energy and physically better about myself. And that in the end is all that is important. Forget what others think, if you like the way you look, they should too. Just don’t flaunt it, be humble!

You will never see me showing off my chest or arms except behind closed doors, haha. This is also why I have not included a picture of myself. Lets just say I am happy with what is under my clothes, no need to share it with the world. But I don’t mind sharing what I did to get there!

Take care readers,

Adam Faragalli (.com)

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