Can Apple’s iPad Succeed with a $1000 Price Tag?

I have been following the Apple tablet since it was announced last year. Mashable had an interesting conversation/post on the recently speculative 1,000 price tag of the Apple Tablet. Following the stock of Apple closely as well, the stock is at record highs and has recently experienced another increase from the tablet concept soon to be reality. But, as this article points out, yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that the Tablet could be as much as $1,000. As Mashable points out, for $1,000 one can purchase a rather decent fully-functional lab top. So, this begs the question will the Tablet succeed?

I honestly believe that the minds at Apple have something huge up their sleeves. Possibly as big as incorporating SixSense technology. I will be keeping a close eye on this product. Time will tell. Who knows, maybe Apple will launch the thing at around $699, the price of the 32 gig Apple iPhone.

Adam Faragalli

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