26 ways to Share Images and Pictures on Twitter

SocialWebTools.info brings this article to help the Twittering masses get their pictures and even videos shared on Twitter. In the article, 26 helpful online sites and applications are presented, many which I have used, many I never knew existed. Enjoy the read and I hope this helps you share your stories and build your network.


Adam Faragalli

Helpful Information For Hosting Blogs

Hosting is just one of the many tools one requires to implement a successful blog today. Can you use a .blogger or .wordpress extensive with your blog?

Absolutely, but I see value in your own .com extension. Credibility, exclusiveness, options, and overall blog potential increases with your own .com domain name. But, with innovation comes risk, numerous options and questions. If you’re wondering what risk is involved, never forget costs. But in both cases, time will generally be your largest cost.

Hosting with a trusted partner, friend, business, or hopefully combination of all three is your best solution. I doubt this will be the first time you learn the hosting business is saturated. With low startup and maintenance costs, buying a server or three worldwide is manageable. Throw a site on it (even a blog) and one can become a hosting provider.

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Discover Online Business Models

There are a number of avenues to discover online profitable business models. For this amended blog update, I am going to cover a few sites that can help you along the way. Discovering a business model online sounds rather straightforward. Checking to see if a domain name is available is as easy as checking a domain reseller site like GoDaddy, or domain reseller sites such as afternic.com. 

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How Michael Jackson’s death shut down Twitter, brought chaos to Google…

I was checking my mail today and came accross an interesting Twine covered articled called, “How Michael Jackson’s death shut down Twitter, brought chaos to Google… and ‘killed off’ Jeff Goldblum.” What was interesting to me, besides the insane traffic numbers generated, was the speed at which news travels today. From continent to continent, the news of Michael’s death was spread to almost everyone on some social network, and in minutes after the story broke on TMZ. Even if you never watched the local or national news networks, you most likley knew about Michael Jackson’s death. Clair Bates also incorporated some really great graphs, charts, and images into the article to help add support.

http://twist.flaptor.com/  Twist helps us see trends in twitter. Although you do not need this very cool program to have seen the insane Michael Jackson related twitter posts, check it out.

I leave you with the Jeff Goldblum video from News Channel 9 where they reported he had also passed away. Epic Fail to News Channel 9!

YouTube Preview Image

New Media Academic Summit, Inside Report

New Media Accademic Summit Logo

My good friend and former professor Cliff Shaluta recently contacted me to discuss the New Media Academic Summit he attended. Cliff is teaching the young (and hopefully) passionate Ad and PR students about New Media. I studied under him at Western Kentucky University for four years and had a wonderful experience.

To read Cliff’s post please visit AdThinkTank.com or just click here.

Message from Cliff: “This is the 3rd Academic Summit and it gets bigger every year. 120 academics from around the globe, loads of professionals and tons of information. See: http://newmediaacademicsummit.com/ Edelman is web casting the event to some clients, but I’ve not seen any public video from the event as of yet. They may wait until after the conference. But, I think you can appreciate Richard’s opening presentation at http://issuu.com/edelman_pr/docs/from_pr_to_public_engagement Here is Richard’s personal blog with more insight http://www.edelman.com/speak_up/blog/

[issuu layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Fdark%2Flayout.xml showflipbtn=true documentid=090610154235-70d03640d02346da97aac8adbb33a829 docname=from_pr_to_public_engagement username=Edelman_PR loadinginfotext=From%20PR%20to%20Public%20Engagement showhtmllink=true tag=edelman width=420 height=158 unit=px]

Content Strategy

The team over at We Like It Fresh wrote an interesting post called Where’s The Beef. It talks about the often overlooked importance of a Web sites content. For example, when an agency, firm, or designer creates “a website for a client, launch, then hand over the keys – things go haywire?” Why? Because unless a content strategy is in place the client can quickly dilute even the best intentioned sites. Google said content is always king! It is exactly how someone will find your Web site and stay there.  It really does not matter if your Web site is beautiful and functional, without a concise content strategy it will generally fail to reach its full potential.

“Content Strategy. To paraphrase Kristina Halvorson, “Why is it that the one thing users come to your website for (good content) is almost the last thing to be dealt with?”. You know the situation: A grand concept is formed. The plans are drawn up, and creative minds start whirring. “What goes here?” is asked, to which the answer more times than not is “Lorem Ipsum, for now. They’ll give us the real deal later.” At the last minute, all is switched in production, and we  scratch our heads and wonder – what happened?”

In conclusion, and I hope you will read the full article: “Don’t leave the content to chance. It’s not the client’s fault. It’s our job to show the value in making effective content, and why it’s a win for everyone.”

I leave you with another content framework of sorts. Read up on it more here, The Digital Strategy.


Best regards,

Adam Faragalli

Awesome Open Source Software

Nicholas Holland, president of Centre Source recently made a list of some really great open source software in his post.

In other some what related news, I am currently testing Windows 7 on my Dell XPS laptop. After the 2+ hours it took it to install I have to say I am somewhat impressed. I think in the near future after some testing I may just have to write a full blog post about my experience with this new Windows OS.


Center For the Advancement of Sustainable Technologies

My dear friend Nashua Kalil recently informed me of Race2Renewables.com. This Web site contains the details for a new “Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Technologies.” This project sounds really incredible. I am a huge proponent and advocate for the green movement and I wish the team all my best.

Center For Advancement of Technologies Building
Center For Advancement of Technologies Building

Tweet this: “The Center and its programs are completely aligned with the Administrations goal to develop and deploy the next generation of energy. The Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Technologies and Berkeley Renewable Energy Labs and Academy promises to be a prototype facility for clean tech energy development and deployment. The proposed 500,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art Center will be located in the technological epicenter of the Bay Area, CA; its sole mission is to deliver upon the rigorous agenda set by the Obama Administration for energy independence in the United States, with a comprehensive plan that achieves renewable resource and clean energy development and delivery, economic stimulation and job creation, and education for our youth.”
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Adam Faragalli

Top 100 Social Media & Internet Marketing Bloggers

Heidi Sullivan over at Cision Blog lists the Top 100 Social Media and Internet Marketing Bloggers in her post in early 2009.

It is just a bit old but still just as relevant.

Sample: “So, I wondered whose blogs are the most influential. Web metrics nerd that I am, I gathered some data and ranked them.

Let me put a disclaimer here: there’s a limit to the effectiveness of using any sort of statistics to gauge a person’s influence on other people.”