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The team over at We Like It Fresh wrote an interesting post called Where’s The Beef. It talks about the often overlooked importance of a Web sites content. For example, when an agency, firm, or designer creates “a website for a client, launch, then hand over the keys – things go haywire?” Why? Because unless a content strategy is in place the client can quickly dilute even the best intentioned sites. Google said content is always king! It is exactly how someone will find your Web site and stay there.  It really does not matter if your Web site is beautiful and functional, without a concise content strategy it will generally fail to reach its full potential.

“Content Strategy. To paraphrase Kristina Halvorson, “Why is it that the one thing users come to your website for (good content) is almost the last thing to be dealt with?”. You know the situation: A grand concept is formed. The plans are drawn up, and creative minds start whirring. “What goes here?” is asked, to which the answer more times than not is “Lorem Ipsum, for now. They’ll give us the real deal later.” At the last minute, all is switched in production, and we  scratch our heads and wonder – what happened?”

In conclusion, and I hope you will read the full article: “Don’t leave the content to chance. It’s not the client’s fault. It’s our job to show the value in making effective content, and why it’s a win for everyone.”

I leave you with another content framework of sorts. Read up on it more here, The Digital Strategy.


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