ESPN to launch 3D network in June

According the the USA Today Article, “ESPN is going 3D. The venerable sports network will launch ESPN 3D on June 11 with a World Cup soccer match, creating what it says will be the first all three-dimensional television network to the home.”

This could be the future of watching sports. I have some questions on exactly how the technology works to create 3D images on a standard TV but I’m game.

According to the USA article:

“There are challenges. You may need a new set-top box to watch 3D. It’s unclear if you’ll have to pay a premium. ESPN says it expects deals with distributors will be in place prior to launch.”

“Consumer Electronics Association CEO Gary Shapiro says the ESPN 3D announcement parallels where HDTV was six years ago. “This is a turning point for 3D,” he says.”

Sounds very interesting. I would love to watch my Titans in 3D.

Happy new year,

Adam Faragalli

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