SGP: Simply Green Products

What: Marketing 220 Final Project

When: 2008

This project involved a large team effort to develop a new company and develop all the marketing necessary to launch one product  into a marketplace. A small sample is below. I have attached the book if you would like to read more. I learned a lot about presenting preparation and working well with difficult team members on this project. But, in the end, we pulled it off with a best in class score. Enjoy.

Simply Green Products strives to make trouble-free, stylish, effective and environmentally efficient products for consumers. The mission statement is, “We design simple and smart eco-green products that benefit your life and our world.” The Twister W/D 500 fits into the mission statement because it is an all-in-one machine that will aid consumers in working smarter and simpler while promoting environment health.

The Twister is a front load washer. When a load is put into the machine and one of the many cycles are selected it will wash and dry the clothes with in one complete and simple cycle. It is more energy efficient than both a single washer and dryer, and will hold more clothes than its competitors due to its increased drum size.

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