Skype HD: 720p videocalling from PCs or directly through LG & Panasonic HDTVs

From engadget: “Skype has already made an impact on the home phone, mobiles and PC desktops (couldn’t do our podcast without it) and now it’s taking on the living room. LG and Panasonic are already lined up to deliver new HD webcams for their internet connected plasma and LCD HDTVs that will enable living room-to-living room calling in 720p.”

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I think this is a brilliant idea. Many of us, myself included, use our LCD and Plasma TV’s for Skype right now. I run my XPS lab topĀ  to my LG TV with an HDMI cable and can see my caller practically life sized and clear.They might as well be sitting on my table. But add better quality and remove the lab top, even better. Cheers to LG and Panasonic for the idea.

Happy new year,

Adam Faragalli

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