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There are a number of avenues to discover online profitable business models. For this amended blog update, I am going to cover a few sites that can help you along the way. Discovering a business model online sounds rather straightforward. Checking to see if a domain name is available is as easy as checking a domain reseller site like GoDaddy, or domain reseller sites such as 

Other sites like Startup Review help you in learning how the business models of many sites work. For example, if you are interested in learning about a review of’s business model, just click here. According to Startup Review, “Facebook was generating almost $1M per week in advertising revenue in Q1 2006. It is likely that Facebook will generate ~$50M in revenue in 2006, up from ~$10M in 2005. Some reliable sources believe that Facebook will do ~$200M in revenue in 2007. Given that Facebook has been guaranteed $200M in revenue over three years by the Microsoft advertising deal, the 2006 and 2007 revenue numbers seem attainable. If the 2007 revenue goal of $200M is reasonable, a 5X forward revenue multiple does not seem to be an excessive valuation multiple.” Very interesting. I found most all the articles very interesting.

For a complete list of articles from the Startup Review, click here. One can find many online profitable business model reviews on sites such as,,,, and many more.

Tweet this from Startup Review on the Facebook Business Model: “Another lesson that Facebook reinforces is the importance of brand and PR buzz to advertising rates. All social networking sites suffer from this “lack of click thru” problem. While immerse advertising opportunities will eventually displace banner advertising on most social services over time, for the time being, traditional banner advertising is still a critical revenue stream.”

I enjoyed reading these case studies. Reading about other’s online profitable business models, even about the larger corporate sites like eHarmony and MySpace can help you with your growing online business model. Possibly your blog that you recently started up. If you have a blog and require some information about hosting set up, please click here.

Another site to help the individual discover online business models and sites is There are numerous sites and blogs for sale that point blank are not worth your investment. However, with the ability to talk to the seller or ask the buyer questions you can research the behind the WYSIWYG site, such as code, security and hosting. This helps you discover  the holes quickly and see if it would be worth your time and monetary investment. This site has been going for some time and claims to be the number one marketplace for buying and selling Web sites.

I hope some of these sites have helped you discover online business models. If you require additional information or have questions about how your business model can grow, please find the contact form.

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