Videojug- Get Good At Life


There are so many Web sites out there that feature videos of all types. Then there are the sites out there that feature videos specific for a topic, like Automotive, such as my personal favorite site Then there are sites that combine the two where nice categories hold the featured videos. Some sites get it right, many don’t. When I found recently, I thought it was the best of both worlds.

Videojug takes the most relevant videos that are aimed at helping you get better at something. Take for instance, golf, my long-passion and sports hobby. Actually helpful and specific golf self-improvement videos are featured. This is great, because sometimes I just do not care to see your hole-in-one featured on page one. But, a video that helps me get an eagle or two, bring it on! What was even more impressive was that they broke down the videos into even more specific categories, like “putting”, “golf technique” and the “grip”. That surprised me.

I’m also starting a new project soon related to golf, soon to be live. are registered under me now. I really want but the seller requested $4,000+ for it. I declined when I looked at the number of competitive golf-related sites out there that are decent, already established and for sale at a cheaper price. In addition, my goal is to share my passions and knowledge of with the world, not make a profit from it. I just cannot take on that kind of overhead with no intention of getting my return on investment.

To get back on topic, check Videojug out and start learning something new. They feature just about everything from cooking to automotive mechanics. I’m sure that there is a featured video that is sure to help you out.


Adam Faragalli