ShowDocument-light and free application for online collaboration.

I was recently introduced to ShowDocument – an online application which enables real-time collaboration and web meetings using various tools. There are a lot of available programs already offering web conferencing solutions , so what’s different about this one?

First of all, using ShowDocument requires only registration, and is entirely web-based – except for a small plug-in you’ll be asked to install in your first session. This online service is currently free and supports different platforms, which can make it an attractive alternative for conducting web meetings.

The main site offers 4 ways to directly open a web meeting and start collaborating – shared documents, whiteboard, text editor or co-browser. These options can also be chosen later from within the application. Inside the program, you have the regular tools that help you write and draw in order to work on documents and images, along with a few unique features. There is a Youtube co-browser, and a Google Maps browser, which simply enables co-browsing google maps (see image), and drawing on them. – apparently it also has a facebook application. The webpages co-browser still needs improvement but has great potential.

Show Document Example
Show Document Example

ShowDocument has a number of easy and interactive ways to collaborate with co-workers & friends, as seen in the above picture. As you can see, most of ShowDocument’s options are rather self-explanatory, making usage easy, as well as inviting others into the web conference – which can be done by code or link. Its an alternative worth checking out, if you need a light and free application for online collaboration.

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