26 ways to Share Images and Pictures on Twitter

SocialWebTools.info brings this article to help the Twittering masses get their pictures and even videos shared on Twitter. In the article, 26 helpful online sites and applications are presented, many which I have used, many I never knew existed. Enjoy the read and I hope this helps you share your stories and build your network.


Adam Faragalli

How Michael Jackson’s death shut down Twitter, brought chaos to Google…

I was checking my mail today and came accross an interesting Twine covered articled called, “How Michael Jackson’s death shut down Twitter, brought chaos to Google… and ‘killed off’ Jeff Goldblum.” What was interesting to me, besides the insane traffic numbers generated, was the speed at which news travels today. From continent to continent, the news of Michael’s death was spread to almost everyone on some social network, and in minutes after the story broke on TMZ. Even if you never watched the local or national news networks, you most likley knew about Michael Jackson’s death. Clair Bates also incorporated some really great graphs, charts, and images into the article to help add support.

http://twist.flaptor.com/  Twist helps us see trends in twitter. Although you do not need this very cool program to have seen the insane Michael Jackson related twitter posts, check it out.

I leave you with the Jeff Goldblum video from News Channel 9 where they reported he had also passed away. Epic Fail to News Channel 9!

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MyBodyArt.com and MyInk.com

Cover of MyBodyArt social networking plan
Cover of MyBodyArt social networking plan

What: Class Project

Position: Group Leader

When: 2008

“There is no underground (tattoo) community, no dark den of drunken sailors initiating themselves into manhood via cheap, ill conceived exercises in bodily perforation; it’s just a group of people who delight in using their bodies as billboards.”
Joanne McCubrey, “Walking Art: Tattoos”

There is not a nationally-recognized social networking tattoo site, yet. Imagine a social networking website that connects people in their local community and surrounding counties with one common interest: the love for body art, or tattoos.

Contemporary American culture is breaking down old stereotypes surrounding tattoos and replacing them with a mainstream societal acceptance. With the emergence of shows such as “Miami Ink” and “LA Ink,” tattoo artists have become icons to be admired for their talent and creativity.

Using web 2.0 mass social media technology, it is possible to finally provide this subculture with an outlet to share their body art stories and individuality. People contemplate and research before getting a tattoo. Web searching is a big part of that. Anyone looking to explore the love of body art, and share their experiences and uniqueness will be attracted to this website.
The heart and soul involves people sharing their stories about their old, new, or soon-to-be body art. Through extensive research, we learned many people love to discuss their tattoos.


Site Content:

This site will allow people to create a body art profile. This allows members to develop a personality by using a customizable template. In this profile area, people can discuss their stories, provide pictures of all their body art, give extra details about who they are and how they are unique, as well as organize events if members. People can customize the look and feel of the template. People can vote on their favorite tattoo profiles, add each other as friends, initiate meetings, as well as organize events if members feel so inclined. We will also encourage businesses to make a profile for both their artists and the company.

Site content will include a forum divided into categories open to any and all related tattoo discussion. Picture galleries with a comment section will also be available so that people can upload all their body art for people to comment on. Furthermore, the site will provide a history of tattoos; a question/answer area; and a section for people to search for local tattoo artists, tattoo Machine tune-up guides and tips, as well as where, when and how to become a tattoo artist.

We encourage people to use the site as a channel to aid them in their tattoo exploration; such as, someone looking for a well-qualified tattoo artist in their local area, or someone looking for a place to vent frustration about their local tattoo artist making a dangerous mistake on his/her body.

Ok, sounds great, but how does it make MONEY?

Social mass media and online advertising has costs (plain and simple). With the initiative investment of partnering with Nashville’s centre{source} to build the online “brick and mortar” website, this is not cheap.  This site must bring a return on this investment and my team can make it work.

If you would like more information on the financial details and partnering, please contact me directly.


Adam Faragalli

WKU Gameathon Video Game Competition and Expo

What: Internship for WKU’s Advertising and Public Relation

Position: Event Manager

When: April 5th, 2008


This was my first official internship and I had a lot to learn and prove. Cliff Shalua, Ad+PR coordinator, after seeing a presentation on the Halo 3 advertising campaign  spoke to me about Gameathon after class.  I think my passion for games was rather obvious. He explained the history of the event and asked me if I was interested in the internship.  I was interested in a gaming competition. I love video games and thought I had the leadership skills to pull it together.

At first I had no clue what I was doing. Like a sponge, I soaked up every bit of information on Gameathon I could find. I literally immersed myself in the event. I also planned down to the last minor detail. I made lists and went through each detail during our Gameathon weekly meetings. At times my email box would receive 25 to 50 Gameathon related emails a day. I spent between 10 and 30 hours a week on the event. This was an unpaid internship but I was determined to make this event great or die trying.

When I started planning, I was working with Becca Clark and Laura Crowder. I quickly grew the team adding Russel Gonzales, Elizabeth Mitaikostas, Rachel Koontz, James Davis, Bridget Boone and many others. By the end of planning, I had built a solid team over 26 awesome  and dedicated individuals.

The biggest issue was that the 2008 event budget was only 3,500 dollars. We were lucky to get RentACenter to step up and sponsor the event at the last minute.

In any case, 3,500 is hardly enough for any substantial Advertising efforts. Nevertheless, my team used Web 2.0 social technologies like Facebook, MySpace and created an online Blog. We also used cost effective ad mediums like the WKU College Heights Herald, Student Affairs page and posters that literally covered every building on WKU’s campus and community. In the end, through all of my team’s promotional efforts, we had 220+ registered gamers rolling into game day. That is a 40% increase over 2007 where there was a budget of 2,000 more! Featured below is one of our viral videos we created and distriubed on the website and on YouTube.com.

I also expanded the event. I invisitioned Mass Media and Technology Hall maximizing Gameathon by using the 50 foot Auditorium screen and expanding into more game rooms. We played 4 rooms of 25+ for Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. Over 100 gamers signed up for both Halo 3 and COD4! We had 8 teams of Rock Band, 48 people set to play Guitar Hero 3, and 32 in Madden 2008. All in all, an incredible turn out considering the promo budget and regional size.

Players competed for a 26 inch LCD TV, surround sound system, 50 dollar Game Stop gift cards, and a number of other small “swag” prizes. We gave special WKU Gameathon t-shirts away and sold them at the event for 12 dollars. They are also featured in the pictures below.

On April 5th, my team was set up and ready for the opening at 10 a.m. Although we did have a power outage and a hard time with the bracket system, game day was a blast. Everyone on my team had a really good time. I know that I did my best and to this day have no regrets.

I am now on the Gameathon board of directors. I have helped David Gray, the 2009 event manager, get the event going and offered suggestions to again make it bigger and more awesome. Most all the 2008 team returned and Gameathon 2009 is set to launch this coming weekend! I am so excited.

Click here to read the pre-event Daily New Gameathon article.

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