President Obama’s State of the Union Address

The time is 9:30 p.m and I just had the opportunity to enjoy President Obama’s State of the Union Address. Personally, I felt the speech was on target, eloquent, powerful, and even incorporated humor. Obama’s speech was relevant to the current state of affairs and he covered every issue that is plaguing this great nation. He spoke on the state of the economy, the increasing deficit, heath care and education reform, terrorism/war, and even touched on social security, medicare, and that this new government will act responsibly and be held accountable.

Click here to view a 9 minute version of the full speech.

Obama mentioned This site will hold accountable all the money will be spent in the next four years. In fact, in regards to money, Obama’s stimulus package has already gone into effect. He talked about how his package has already given 7 million students the opportunity to attend college, tax cuts that will take affect on April 1st, and the checks are already on their way in regards to the stimulus package!

Clip from the page: “ is a website that lets you, the taxpayer, figure out where the money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is going. There are going to be a few different ways to search for information. The money is being distributed by Federal agencies, and soon you’ll be able to see where it’s going — to which states, to which congressional districts, even to which Federal contractors. As soon as we are able to, we’ll display that information visually in maps, charts, and graphics.”

Video on the page

I for one am grateful that Obama’s State of the Union Address gave me a sense of hope. Because before all, it is our job as Americans to work together and rise above the challenges we face. I believe that under Obama we can succeed, and it feels great to have a sense of hope finally.

Thanks for reading.

Adam Faragalli

*This post was recovered and re-posted after a server crash. The original date was February 24th, 2009.