26 ways to Share Images and Pictures on Twitter

SocialWebTools.info brings this article to help the Twittering masses get their pictures and even videos shared on Twitter. In the article, 26 helpful online sites and applications are presented, many which I have used, many I never knew existed. Enjoy the read and I hope this helps you share your stories and build your network.


Adam Faragalli

How Michael Jackson’s death shut down Twitter, brought chaos to Google…

I was checking my mail today and came accross an interesting Twine covered articled called, “How Michael Jackson’s death shut down Twitter, brought chaos to Google… and ‘killed off’ Jeff Goldblum.” What was interesting to me, besides the insane traffic numbers generated, was the speed at which news travels today. From continent to continent, the news of Michael’s death was spread to almost everyone on some social network, and in minutes after the story broke on TMZ. Even if you never watched the local or national news networks, you most likley knew about Michael Jackson’s death. Clair Bates also incorporated some really great graphs, charts, and images into the article to help add support.

http://twist.flaptor.com/  Twist helps us see trends in twitter. Although you do not need this very cool program to have seen the insane Michael Jackson related twitter posts, check it out.

I leave you with the Jeff Goldblum video from News Channel 9 where they reported he had also passed away. Epic Fail to News Channel 9!

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