5 New Technologies That Will Change Everything

This article, “5 New Technologies That Will Change Everything”  from PC World by Glenn Fleishman is all about some future technology that is coming in the not-so-distant future.

He disscussed 3D TV, HTML5, video over Wi-Fi, superfast USB 3.0, and mobile “augmented reality.” All these future techn0logyies will emerge as breakthrough technologies in the next few years!

Read the article to get a preview of what they do and how they work. Personally, I’m extremely excited about 3D TV and improved Wi-Fi. But each of these upcoming technologies will have an impact on our lives. Hopefully in all positive ways. Although augmented reality could be a bit much.

Improved Wi-Fi preview ” By 2012, two new protocols–802.11ac and 802.11ad–should be handling over-the-air data transmission at 1 gbps or faster. As a result, future users can have multiple high-definition video streams and gaming streams active across a house and within a room. Central media servers, Blu-ray players, and other set-top boxes can sit anywhere in the home, streaming content to end devices in any location. For example, an HD video display, plugged in with just a power cord, can stand across the room from a Blu-ray player, satellite receiver, or computer–no need for expensive, unsightly cables.”

On 3D TV Sets: “Poor expects that 3DTV will be but a minor upgrade to existing HDTV sets. The upgraded sets will need a modified display controller that alternates images 60 per second for each eye, as well as an infrared or wireless transmitter to send synchronization information to the 3D glasses.” That is great news because I love my TV and do not want to spend another grand to upgrade. In addition, I hope video games also have the 3D ability.

So please take a look at 5 New Technologies That Will Change Everything. Read the full description on 3D TV, HTML5, video over Wi-Fi, superfast USB 3.0, and mobile “augmented reality.


Adam Faragalli