Financial and Investment Book List for Advisors or Investors

Navigating the markets these days is an interesting process. If you still have a thriving financial practice or capital to invest after the August 2007 to mid-2009 market fall out, great for you. However, I would make a bet that you took a sizable hit to either your clients or your own personal portfolio. Thus, I am creating this post containing a book list because I believe there are always ways that we can be better investors and better financial professionals.

For those of you interested to know, the process to become a financial advisor is down right challenging. It is full of hurdles that happen well before you ever solicit any type of securities products. First, there is the process of making the decision that your heart is truly in this career decision. Because if it ain’t, you will fail. Then, there is research and reading to both see if you have the skills necessary and where you need improvement. And trust me, as a rookie seeing Wall Street and the industry from the outside, very few go into this business without needing improvement. Or maybe you could be the investor looking for the right financial professional. I guarantee in any market that there is at least several firms and hundreds of professionals that can meet your needs.

So- have said that, I decided to write this post about some of the books that have helped me become much better educated about not only the markets but the business of the money culture. In fact, almost all of these were recommendations from the dozens of financial professionals and investors I have spoken with over the past many months. In many ways these financial related books helped me understand the business, give specific information about how to start, expand and some really fascinating and sometimes hilarious stories along the way.

In addition, if you have very little interest in working in this industry but want some information to help you  make better financial decisions and/or learn about the shenanigans that goes on at times, I have divided this book list into two categories. One category for the Financial Advisor and one for interested individual investors looking for a good read. And probably the best part is that I have linked each of these books to so you can read reviews and buy new or used copies. I highly recommend Amazon to purchase used books as many of their sellers are reliable and you just can’t beat the price. I have given a small and very short summary about a few of the books I really enjoyed as well.

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