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Many of you do not know that I am a percussionist, also known as a drummer. But I don’t really need a drum set to create a musical beat. I don’t really need anything other than my voice, aka beat boxing. As John Lennon once said, “I’m an artist, give me a Tuba, I’ll get you something out of it.” Now I am no John Lennon, but what he said should forever ring true.

“A musician does not just play an instrument, he manipulates the frequency of energy waves, developed within the human mind a power to create sound the universe has never heard. It is a magical expression of self.” Adam Faragalli

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D Drum Green 5 Set Image

My goal for this post is to encourage you to think creatively through music. Understand, learning an instrument is no easy feat, achieved by few individuals. Think about it, how many people do you know that call themselves musicans? I am not talking about someone who took piano lessons for two years, or guitar lessons in the six grade. I’m talking about individuals who have spent years mastering their own musical brand.

The irony is that even after decades of playing an instrument, you can never truly master it. Take my father as an example. A man that has played guitar for literally 52 years consistently. He has played in bands, taught music to others and of course is the president of a successful instrumental and educational brand, World Music Nashville.

To this day, Larry tells me he is always expanding what makes his unique style of playing. I can tell you this, since we started playing together a few years back, both our styles have molded and grown out of just our experiences together.

When you reach a place where you do not stress about the small details in playing, you learn to speak through your instrument. It comes as natural as talking after time. So naturally, playing with others can be a conversation at times worth having, other times its arguing, lol.

No player is going to produce the same musically elements twice, at least not exactly. It is the nuances in your attitude, even the energy of your mental state that can significantly alter your playing style in the moment. Sure you develop traits and characteristics unique to you like special sounds, unique rifts, but that’s just the surface.

And for me, playing the drums has become more than just playing the drums. It’s something that has enriched my life in ways I never would have imagined. It has brought my family closer, added new friends and relationships that would have never been created without the bond of music. And you know what, it is arguably the most fun I have ever had.

I literally meld myself in the drum set. I close my eyes for minutes at a time, get so into the beat that my body and mind are blended together in such a way that I literally feel like I am flying. And when I am done, the sensation of all those neurons that just fired in sequence with your muscles, you literally feel high as a kit. Plus, the beat will continue to play for sometimes days in my mind. Tell me what none narcotic substance could ever top that feeling?

But I am not going to lie to you, it was not always easy. I have my main musical teacher Kyle Jones to thank, my drumming uncle Daniel and of course my father for learning to play. I am still learning but they at least taught me the basics and Kyle Jones took it to THE NEXT LEVEL. If you can find a time to get a lesson (good luck), I recommend you spend some time with him. And by the way, yes he is a caffeine driven madman. Don’t be alarmed if he starts drawing cartoon figures from god only knows where during your lesson. But he is a keeper and an incredible musician to boot.

When he taught me, we played together. He played the guitar and we jammed a bit, then incorporated a lesson into the 30 minute sessions. It was fun and a unique way to learn to get better. Then at the end he jumped on and murdered the set for a few minutes. I recorded every lesson. I have dozens of taped recordings on my hard drive. I listened to them and got better. Practice does make perfect as well. Its all really just muscle memory.

Here is the bottom line, go out and learn to play. Why not? And DONT even think about telling a guy like me that you do not have the time. Bullshit. It is your life, time management is in your control in the 21st century, so use it wisely!

And may you too find joy in playing.

Adam Michael Faragalli

I leave with you with one of my favorite drumming videos. I have learned from each of these drummers something. But my favorite is Number 5, John Bonham baby. Enjoy 🙂

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